Anastasia Bevery Hills Subculture Palette Review+ Swatch


        Hi guys! Today I am gonna doing a review about Subculture palette by Anastasia Bevery Hills. Subculture palette certainly has being a most controversial palette of fall, 2017. The qualty and formula of eyeshadows has been talked a lot. Some people love it, some people hate it. Norvina, who creates products for Anastasia Bevery Hills has said that the formula of eyeshadows won’t change. So I need to see and test them out by myself. Let take a close look of them.

the cardboard packaging that the palette comes with
back of the cardboard packaging

     The actual palette comes with a similar looking cardboard packaging. The color tone of the cardboard are always being a matter for fake products. I just wanted to include them to my blog for that reason.


     It has same velvet texture and shape with Modern Renaissance palette has. The palette comes with a useful dual- ended brush in it. 


    There are 11 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades in Subculture palette. Let’s see the colors and swatches;


cube: It is a pale ice-white shade with pink shift into it. It is shimmery but not too intense. It has semi- sheer pigmentation. 

roxy: It is a pinkish orange shade with matte finish. 

dawn: It is a soft peachy cream shade with matte finish. It has warm orange undertone to it.

electric: It is a goldeney- cool toned green shade with golden sparkles in it.

destiny: It is a medium olive toned with matte finish. It has slightly gray in it. 10 minutes after application, the color get to be oxidized and green tone turns to more gray.

fudge: It is a warm deep brown with matte finish. Anastasia Bevery Hills also has this eyeshadow in a single version.

adorn: It is an opaque coppery shade with smooth metallic sheen finish.


new wave: It is a medium orange color with warm rich yellow undertone. It has matte finish.

all star: It is a deep plum color with warm red undertone to it. It has matte finish.

untamed: It is a neutral medium toned green color with matte finish.

mercury: It is muted medium toned taupe color with matte finish.

edge: It is a cool tone medium yellow shade with gray undertone. Some of the bloggers say that this shade has warm undertone but when I swatch and see it closely I saw the grayish in that shade. It is my opinion:)

axis: It is a medium- dark greenish- blue shade with matte finish. It looks more green in the pan not blue.

rowdy: It is a deep purple burgundy shade with matte finish.


    Pigmentation of this palette; It is most pigmented palette I have. Also it is the most difficult palette to work with at the same time. You need to go with light hand what I mean with light hand is you should barely touch the color and than apply to your eyelid. That is enough, maybe even too much. It is that pigmented. The eyeshadows are very soft, highly pigmented. So this specialty causes the more kick-back. I do not mind it but it might be matter sometimes. When you learn how to work with that soft eyeshadows, you can reduce the kick-back amount without the lost.


    The shimmers in Subculture palette give different pay-off. Cube has semi- sheer coverage with pale white shade. Electric is smooth, opaque but there are big golden sparkles in this shade. Adorn is more like a pigment. It is foiled with micro shimmers. It is metallic and intense.


      Anastasia Bevery Hills Subculture Palette is 42 dollars for 0.7 gr ( 0.02 oz. ) each eyeshadow. It is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free. If you are into those shades, pick this palette and start to play with it. You won’t be disappointed. Have you had any issue with this palette? What’s your thought? comment down below. I really want to hear from you. 

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