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The Balm Blend a Hand Tapered Foundation Brush Review


     Hi guys ! ? . Today I am going to make a quick review about tapered foundation/ concealer brush from brand the Balm.


      The Balm Blend a Hand tapered foundation brush has black, dense, sentetic bristles which provide smooth and even application. The Balm foundation brush is my first foundation brush  I bought. And I used to use it for foundation a lot. In present I apply my foundation with flat tap kabuki brushes and I use this brush for my concealer or for first application of foundation to my face and than I blend the foundation with a sponge. This is the best way to apply foundation that I’ve found. It provides smooth, non-streakey application without wasting foundation. 


  The Balm tapered foundation brush has perfect shape for under eye and around the nose. It has strong, dense bristles that does not irritate my skin. It is easy to clean. It did not shed even one bristle in a year. It has quite strong handle with very cute, very ‘The Balmy’ cover on the handle. 


     The Balm Blend a Hand tapered foundation brush is 26.5 dollars on theBalm website. Do you have any the balm brushes in your collection?

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