The Balm Bonnie Lou Manizer × Maybelline Molten Gold Comparison (+ more)


Hello everybody! What’s up? And welcome to my blog. Yesterday I went to Gratis which is my local drugstore in Istanbul, Turkey. I am not sure the Balm is considered as a high- end brand or drugstore. I have seen many videos said that it is high end brand and also have seen some youtubers say The Balm sells in drugstore I am little bit confused about that but in Turkey drugstore has The Balm and the price of their products are hightest in whole normal drugstore brands.


To make the long story short I saw the Bonnie Lou Manizer in the the Balm shelf and I immediately thought I need to buy this because I love the Balm. I love their quality, packaging, concept and everything. And I also saw the Maybelline Master Chrome metallic highlighter in shade molten gold. I know that Maybelline has launced this highlighter last season but it had not sold in Turkey till this month and I got so excited because I really like their Master Chrome stick highlighter it is also dupe for Benefit Watt’s up highlighter and when I saw this on YouTube I knew I am gonna like it. And in the store Bonnie lou and Molten gold looked so similar to me in the pan and I decided to write a post about them. Let’s get started;



They have both same 9gr ( 0.32 oz ) product in them and The Balm Bonnie Lou Manizer retails 24 dollars and Maybelline Master Chrome metallic highlighter retails 9.99 dollars on their websites.


They have same creamy, smooth formula that glade on the skin perfectly. They don’t have glitter or chunk in it. They are both super pigmented and blinding. But as you can see they are not dupe at all. Maybelline Master Chrome in shade molten gold is way more light and also pure warm golden shade as well. The Balm Bonnie Lou has a same warm undertone to it but it has more orangey and coppery undertone. And it shows up more darker than Maybelline one on the swatch. 

One they blend it into the skin they look quite similar but you can notice the difference between them. Both are so dark for my skin tone but even I can make it work the Maybelline one but I could not do that for the Balm Bonnie Lou Manizer. It suits with medium to dark complexions and I can able to use it when I got ten. I am so excited to play with in the summer time?. 


I also want to show you Becca Champagne Pop, Opal and Mary lou by the Balm swatches with our todays highlighters together. If you have noticed on the swatch Becca Opal and The Balm Bonnie Lou Manizer look so similar to each other but Bonnie Lou has warmer undertone to it and Opal is in cooler side.

That completes my comparison between The Balm Bonnie Lou Manizer and Maybelline Master Chrome metallic highlighter in shade molten gold. I hope you enjoy. If you like the post like this please let me know. Comment down below. I can write more of them. 

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