The Balm Meet Matt (e) Hughes Six Mini Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks ( 6 New Shades)

     Hello everyone ! Today I am gonna review and do lip swatches about new meet matte hughes liquid lipsticks by the Balm cosmetics. The Balm reliased new 6 shades for their Meet Matte Hughes long lasting matte liquid lipstick collection, spring-summer 2017. 

    The Balm makes one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market in my opinion. Their formulas, scents, lastings and comforts are perfect.

  • They smell like peppermint. Yummy!
  • They last about 5 hours without any problem. 
  • They are smudge proof.
  • They dry down in 10 seconds.
  • They have very comfortable on the lip. They are not feel tacky.

 Let’s look at the swatches; 


   It is soft mauve color, suitable for many different complexions.


   It is mix of like red and dusty rose. It looks more brighter on the lip than swatches.


 It is mix of like soft brown and dusty rose.


  It is fushia-Jam color. Very bright and bold.


 It is lighther version of reliable.


  It is bright plum color. 

   They are all weariable and bright. I love them all but my favorite is brilliant so far.❤

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