The Balm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner Review


  Hı guys! Have a good week to everyone. I hope you all have a great day so far. Last week was so excited and devastating at the same time. Because it was ‘Black Friday’ and everywhere was in sale. I couldn’t believe how it did effect me like that I went so crazy and the ‘black friday’ broke my bank. ?

Have you bought anything from black friday? Comment down below? I would love to hear that. I bought so much pretty items from Sigma beauty. I love their whole brushes and I bought 13 of them. I had mini haul from MAC. I stocked up my studio fix fluid foundation and I have bought couple of refill eyeshadows. On the bigger picture I made pretty good job buying so much products on the sale. And I feel relieved by saying that 🙂 .


   On a daily basis I do not use any eyeliner in my look. Not just because I am lazy but it needs so much attention to do right and I couldn’t be focused in the mornings before go to work. But every makeup lovers need to have good eyeliner that allows to get perfect and even line. And sometimes thin and define eyeliner can change your entire look and also it is always good to have eyeliner on the photograph you never look tired.


  The Balm Schwing black liquid eyeliner is one of my favorite eyeliner at the moment. It has thin tapered felt tip applicator that sucks excess of product and allows to do clean, not messy thin line. I can not say it is blackest black eyeliner but it is quite black in shade. It is not waterproff but it does not budge at all. It is completely matte and easy to dry.


    The Balm Schwing black liquid eyeliner is 17 dollars on the the Balm website. You can Check this out . There is 1.7 ml ( 0.05 fl oz. ) product into the tube. This is quite regular amount for a eyeliner. The Balm goes in sale quite often you should check this product too. You won’t be disappointed. Your eyeliner won’t be matter anymore. 

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