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Becca Opal- Champagne Pop And The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Comparison


      Hello everyone ! I had to take a break for a month and I’m back at this moment:). I missed my blog and makeup so much. Let’s do this comparison today.

     Mary lou by the Balm, Opal and Champagne Pop by Becca; Those three powder highlighters are my favorite highlighters of all time. Those are my most loved, most used products that I definitely may repurchase them over and over again. And I feel similarity between the shades like most people do.


     Mary Lou is pure champagne color with pearly golden undertone, Becca Champagne Pop is golden champagne color with peach undertone, Opal is very unique shade that has bronzey champagne undertone to it. Let’s see the swatches;


Performance: They all give same perfect wet looking glow to your cheek. They are blinding and perfect for who is into noticeable highlighters.

Quality: I have to admit that Becca highlighters have more creamy and soft formula than the Balm Mary Lou does. Mary lou is still amazing but Becca made way more better formula in my opinion.

Price: The Balm Mary Lou manizer is 24 dollars for 8.5 gr , Becca Opal and Champagne Pop is 38 dollars for 8 gr products. 

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