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Best 5 Drugstore/ Affordable Foundations For Oily Skin



   Hi guys! Today I am going to do another ”the best of beauty” writing and it is going to be a best affordable foundations for oily skin. I have very oily skin and I have tried so many foundations to keep my natural oil in place and make my makeup last longer thoughtout the day. And I found 5 amazing foundations that work amazing on my oily skin type. I hope it helps you as well:)


    1- Loreal Infallible 24-Hour Matte Foundation; First one that me talking about is Loreal infallible 24- matte foundation or Loreal pro- matte foundation as known in America. Either are same products in different packaging.

     Loreal infallible 24- matte foundation is such a great foundation for keep your face less oily in very good way. I do not like the foundation that looks thick and heavy on the skin. This foundation never look like that. It is so light weight. It has medium to full buildable coverage. It keeps you matte (satin matte ıt is not completely matte) and perfect about 8 hours without problem. It is not 24 hours wear foundation I haven’t wore it 24 hours but I can say easly it is not 24 hours wear foundation.

  Loreal infallible 24hr-matte foundation is known as a dupe for Estee Lauder double wear foundation I could say it is close but it is not a dupe because of longevity, shade range ( Loreal has not a best shade range unfortunately there is not enough yellow toned shade) .

    Loreal is 12.99 dolars for 30ml ( 1 fl oz. ) product. If you find your shade it will be your foundation I am sure.


 2- Rimmel London Stay Matte; If you have read my old post you might have seen how much I love rimmel london stay matte primer as well. I think Rimmel nailed it with this line it is beautiful and so effective for oily skin type. I love Rimmel skin products so much especially their foundations is gorgeous. 

    Rimmel london stay matte foundation has moussey consistency that blends beautifully and stay matte whole day. It has medium to full coverage that does not feel heavy on the face. 

    Rimmel london stay matte foundation is 2.49 dollars for 30 ml ( 1 oz. ) product on Ulta website. I think it is too cheap for thıs qualty you should give a try.


  3- Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation; Maybelline Fit Me is I think one of the foundation that being a favorite and rescue foundation for people of all skin types. It covers all blemishes and imperfections with looking like your skin in a natural way. 

   I said all skin types because it controls the shine on your skin and provides your makeup last long and I know many dry skin people can wear it without dryness or patchiness and they love it as much as I love. 

   Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation is 7.99 dollars for 30 ml ( 1 oz. ) product. 


  4- Note Detox and Protect Foundation; Note cosmetics is not sold at drugstore but it is so cheap and it is sold exclusively on Ulta website. I have written whole review about specificly this product on my blog before you can read it here . 

   Note Detox and Protect is full coverage and most long lasting one in all of this 5 products. They have wonderful shade range for every complexion with 24 different shades. It is my rescue foundation for long days and it works amazing.

  Note Detox and Protect Foundation is 15.99 dollars for 35 ml ( 1.23 fl oz. ) . You should give it a try it is so high quality.


   5- Wet’n wild Photofocus Foundation; last but not least is from Wet’n wild foundation that came up this year. It also suits all skin types as well. I like the way it looks on my skin. It is your skin with a more even way. 

   It has a spoon applicator and it was weird to me first time and I get used to it  and I think it is useful. There is only one handicap with this product that how it smeels. It has paint scent to it. So much people do not like it but I do not mind it at all. Just be aware that. 

  Wet’n wild Photofocus Foundation is 5.99 dollars for 30 ml ( 1 fl oz. ) product. 

Let’s see the swatches; 



    As I mentioned before the biggest drawback of drugstore foundations is the color scale is very bad. They are too pink or neutral to me and sometimes they tend to look dirty on my face but I can make them work ıf I like the way they look and their longevity thoughtout the day. Note cosmetics have a wonderful shade range and they contain pink, yellow and neutral undertone to them. And Maybelline produces great yellow undertoned foundations everytime which I am greatful that. 

   I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to follow me on social media. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list. See you next time. Bye. ?

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