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Best Makeup Products Of 2017!


Hello everybody! Today I am going to talk about my most-used, most loved makeup products of 2017. Some of them are new released in 2017, some of them are old. But they are all worth the mention in this post and all gained my love for sure. Let’s get started, shall we:)?


Primer: My most used product in primer catagory is de-slick by Urban Decay. It kept my oily skin at bay whole thoughtout the summer time. I’ve focused this applying center of my face where I am getting shiney most and then spreading excess products to my entire face and I am good to go.


The little goes long way. One little pump or less is enough to cover up my oily areas. It has siliconey texture that make barrier between your skin and foundation and smooths out your texture or pores. I’ve used it so much in hot weathers now it is cold and I don’t use it daily basis. I am using more hydrating primers instead. But I will keep using it in next spring and summer for sure.


Foundation: The foundation I have been using so much in 2017 is Wet’n wild Photofocus foundation. Besides its price, it is perfect foundation in texture, in coverage and longevity in my opinion. It has liquidy consistency, easy to blend (sponge and brush), doesn’t oxidize, doesn’t move and doesn’t come off. I’ve loved it and I am constantly wearing it though.


Concealer: In concealer catagory I couldn’t choose anything but Nars soft matte concealer pot. I don’t know ıf I am the only one that loves pot concealers more than a liquid tube concealers. I can deposit the product onto my face as much as I want and I don’t struggle with the applicators. And also I can used up the concealer to the bones in the pot. I feel like there is a lot of products left in tube and I never able to used them up all. Nars soft matte concealer is very creamy, very easy to blend and long-wearing. There is nothing to say bad thing about it. You should try ıf you haven’t tried it already.


Powder: For the powder as you can see on the picture I have been loving and using Nyx HD finishing powder in the shade Banana. I love using banana powder to set my under eye. Especially with this Nyx one. Because it is so finely milled, perfect yellow shade to set under eye area and also cheap. 🙂 I am still using it.


Bronzer: Benefit Hoola lite has changed my bronzer routine in 2017. It is new released in 2017 from Benefit and I am thankful for it. Sometimes bronzers are be overdone and look unfresh and dirty on my face. Don’t get me wrong I love bronzers and bronzey look so much but sometimes I prefer to look fresh and clean and you never look dirty with Benefit Hoola lite. If you have fair skin tone and look naturally warm without overwhelming I highly recommend you to try this.


Blush: This was the hard catagory to choose only one product because I’ve fallen in love many blushes this year. I love Bobbi Brown pastel pink, I love Benefit galifornia but ıf I have to pick one I would pick papa don’t peach by Too Faced. It is peach shade blush with golden shimmers in it. It adds glow and health to your face and smeels beautiful:).


Highlighter: For the highlighter I picked two. One of two is classic powder highlighter and other is cream/ stick highlighter. My late 2017 favorite is Bobbi Brown pink glow highlighter powder. I love it so much. I have been using it since I got it. I thought I wouldn’t like it because it named as a pink highlighter and I am such a champagne/ gold highlighter type of person but when I tried it at the store it blowed my mind because it is such a unique shade that has rosey champagne shade with hint of beige in it and it looks amazing.


Second highlighter favorite of mine is Maybelline Master strobing stick highlighter in shade 200. I have made a dupe post about it. I found that it is dupe for Benefit Watt’s up stick highlighter. They are so similar in color. It is perfect champagne color that suits light and medium skin tone very well. It gives subtle yet still there glow to your face. It is also affordable.


Contour/ Sculpting Powder: I am so excited for this product and I am so happy that I’ve discovered it. It is Makeup Forever Artist Color Sculpting Powder in the shade S112. It changed my contour game in a good way. In the makeup world the rule of contour must be done with ashy products. I totally agree with that but in my skin tone I prefer to contour with ashy- neutral tone powder because totally ashy toned contour looks always dirty on my face and I don’t like this look also some neutral toned bronzers have so much warmed to them it also doesn’t look great. But this Makeup Forever artist color in shade S112 has perfect toned to it for my fair skin tone. I highly recommend ıf you struggle to find best contour powder to suits you best.


Brows: For Brow product of course I have been using Benefit products most because of the shade 2 matches with my brows perfectly. I love anastasia beverly hills brow wiz but Benefit’s shade and quality works best for me. In the early 2017 I’ve filled my brows with powder and than set them with clear brow gel but from the late 2017 I have been using precisely my brow pencil in shade 2 from Benefit and I am loving it too.


Eyeshadow: For eyeshadows Maybelline color tattoos are my baby of this year. I used them a lot thoughtout the summer. On and on bronze, creamy beige and pink gold are definetly my favorites and I am still using creme de nude as an eyeshadow base. It cancels my darkness of eyelid and prevents the creases. 


Mascara: Loreal paradise extatic ( lash paradise in USA) is new reliased in 2017 and it is so hyped-up for a good reason it is volumizing mascara that doesn’t budge. It is also dupe for Too Faced better than sex mascara. 


Lipstick: 2017 is the year of liquid lipsticks but I never like them so much because I feel they are difficult to apply, not comfortable on my lips and I didn’t reach them as much as I reached regular lipsticks. And I’ve used this particular shade from Maybelline colorsensational series. It is in the shade 630 velvet beige and it is my perfect everyday shade of 2017. It is carameley nude shade that suits my skin tone perfectly it has cremesheen formula and it is so comfortable and smells like a caramel toffee yummy!

I forgot to take a picture of my most loved most used facial spray of this year. Urban Decay quick fix coconut spray is my new discovery of 2017 and I am obbessed with it. It smells amazing it refresh my skin and hydrate at the same time.

Those are my favorites of 2017 what are yours ? I love to hear those. 

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