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The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream+ Refreshing Eye Cube Review


      Hello everyone! I’ve found beautiful skin care lines from The Body Shop. I am so happy to buying this Vitamin E series it is been a good investment I’ve made. The Body Shop isn’t too expensive brand but in Turkey it always coast so much money so it is kind of investment to me. I can’t wait to try their other series especially tree tea oil series and aleo vera series.


       The Body Shop Vitamin E nourishing night cream has a thick consistency of it like most night creams do. But it melts onto the skin immediately and works as a sleeping mask. It is so hydrating and nourishing feeling to it. I wake up moist and more plump in following morning.


     It doesn’t cause any acne or greasy feeling on my oily skin. I think it is perfect for every skin types because it is quite thick and nourishing that it helps to balance oil production during a night time period also it hydrates and smoothes out the dry patchies. 

   It is 22 dollars for 47.5 gr ( 1.67 oz. ) product.


     The Body Shop Vitamin E refreshing eye cube is so light weight, so refreshing product that I am really enjoying with it. 


      It comes with little cute stick lip balm kind of packaging. It has a balm texture that I had felt like that it was going to be so thick for my under eye but it was not.  It is so light weigh, so refreshing and it hydrates your under eye area so quickly. It is even better when you keep in a fridge. It is so cooling and perfect for morning puffyiness. 

    It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. It gives cooling effect and hydrating feeling to your under eye. And it sinks into your skin immediately  ( my under eye drinks it like water?) and leaves a healthy glow.


      Here is the ingredients of it. As you can see first main ingredients is water. 

      It is 15 dollars for 4 gr ( 0.14 oz. ) product.

     Have you tried any product from Vitamin E collection?  Did you like it or not?  I am open for any skin care recommendation from you leave it comment down below ?.

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