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Dupe Alert! (Benefit Watt’s Up × Maybelline Master Strobing Stick 200 Medium (Nude Glow)

      Hello everyone! Today I am gonna review and giving a dupe for Benefit Watt’s up stick highlighter.

     I really enjoy with stick highlighter in the summer time. They are easy to use, versatile and gives you natural look.

    My favorite stick highlighter is Watt’s up from Benefit. It has perfect shade of golden. I love golden-champagne highlighter in any type of highlighter. You can use it under or top of the foundation. You can even apply it after the powder product. It does not smudge or never get chunky whatsoever. It is creamy and smooth. It gives you subtle but also visible glow to your face. I love it so much! And.. I found a dupe for it. It is Maybelline Master strobing stick illuminating highlighter.

    Maybelline has launced their Master strobing line in two different version. One of the their Master strobing liquid and the other is their Master strobing stick. The liquid version is shown as a dupe for Becca Illuminating skin perfector but I did not try it yet.

    Maybelline has three different shades of Master strobing stick illuminating  highlighter. 100 light (iridescent) is lightest one. It has pink undertone. 200 medium (nude glow) which is our dupe for Benefit Watt’s up  and 300 dark (dark gold) is darkest color of this line.

   Maybelline Master strobing stick highlighter in shade 200 medium (nude glow) is very similar to Benefit Watt’s up stick/cream highlighter. They look indentical on the face. Either product has same tone and same opacity. They don’t have glitter or shimmer in it. They both are glowy type of highlighter. 

    On the swatch Maybelline one looks little bit darker than Benefit Watt’s up but after they blended, they look same on the face. They gives same glow and same effect. The Benefit Watt’s up is more creamer than Maybelline one but Maybelline is very creamy and of highly quality. 

     Benefit Watt’s up is 30 dolars for 9.4 gr ( 0.33 oz. ) product. Maybelline Master strobing stick by Face studio is 9.99 dolars for 9 gr ( 0.32 oz. ) product. 

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