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Esqido Mink Lashes Review and Try On ( Starlet + Lashlorette)


Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I wrote a post about beauty on my blog. I have moved London in August ( yayyy! ). I just settled down. So I am back with more content 🙂 


A few months ago I got package from the brand Esqido. They are so kind to sent me those gorgeous mink lashes. I am still so grateful. As soon as I received the lashes I tried them on my eyes and they are absolutely beautiful. ( scroll down to before- after photos)



 Esqido is Canadian based brand that creates high quality mink false lashes. The lashes are made from real mink fur without detriment to animals. They collect the fur while minks are in natural shedding cycle. Then the disinfection process begins. Using real mink fur for false lashes, that is what makes them so luxury, high quality and ‘natural’. 



They’ve sent me two different types of lashes and lash glue. One of the lash pair is called Starlet. It is most natural looking lashes I’ve ever seen in my life. The lashes are getting more longer and more fuller from the inside out. It is perfect for everyday look when you want to emphasize your eyes much more. Or you can use these on your night time look as well. While you are wearing bold matte red lip color, do little black winged eyeliner and put these Starlet lashes onto your lashes. Then.. YOU ARE GOOD TO GO! 



Esqido Starlet mink lashes are 29 dollars on . They ship internationally as well. You can order wherever you are.



The second lashes called Lashlorette   , Lashlorette has much longer and much fuller lashes rather than Starlet has. They are so beautiful for bold eye makeup days. They complete the whole look for sure. They are so flattering on the eyes. If you are struggling with short and thin lashes, Lashlorette here for you. They can save your day and they make you more confident.



Esqido Lashlorette mink lashes are 29 dollars on . I guarantee that they are totally worth the price. They are so luxurious.


Last but not least one is Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue. They are so kind to sent me one of these. It saved my life! I used to use small eyelash glue that comes with the lashes. And I realized that I’ve always had trouble. Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue is so easy to use. The packaging is so huge and luxury looking. It keeps the glue fresh in it. The applicator is made perfectly to fit lash band. 

Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue is 10 dollars on ( 5,5 ml ( 0,18 fl oz) )

You can search for more options

Those are my opinions about the brand Esqido and their gorgeous mink lashes. I think they are worth the price and I love them so much.

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*The lashes are sent me for review by Esqido , I always write my honest opinion. Thank you.

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