Flormar Color Eyeshadow Palette Number 10 Lilac Harmony Review+ Swatch


       Hello everyone! Today I am gonna give to you a review about Flormar color eyeshadow palette in shade number 10 lilac harmony. And it will complete my Flormar cosmetics haul I made last month. I will put other’s links end of the review if you interest. 


     Flormar has eight different quintet color palette, number 10 lilac harmony is the one of them. I got lilac harmony because I reliased that I do not have cold-tone eyeshadow palettes as I have warm-tone eyeshadow palettes. And I am very into cool tone eye looks at this moment. They have also bronzey, goldeney, neutral and burgundy palette which look amazing too. I can not wait to get my hands on them soon. Because the formula of the lilac harmony is beautiful. Pigmentation is great and it does not kick back at all. I totaly love it. The color selection of it gorgeous. They work with together amazing. 


    Whole fifth shades in Lilac harmony are completely matte. The first shade is lavender color. It looks like mix of ice color and lilac color. The second shade is midtone lilac color. The third shade in this palette is magenta color which is my favorite eyeshadow in this palette. The fourth shade is indigo color. The last shade in palette is black. I realized when  I am defining colors that all the shades in the palette are made of pure main colors of blue and purple. I did not notice before 🙂 I think it is beautiful to have a palette like this one. 


    The lilac harmony by Flormar is around 7-8 dollars (26.99 tl) for 9 gr (0.32 oz. ) product. I think it is great cool tone eyeshadow palette with good pigmentation, blendability and color range. I hope you enjoy. Please comment down below. Have you used Flormar eyeshadow before? If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list. See you next time. Bye 🙂

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