Flormar Double Radience Primer/ Highlighter Review+ Swatch


       Hello everyone! Today I am gonna review about a radience primer/ highlighter from Flormar cosmetics. I wanted to write and share with you this post in this time a year because I am on holiday and I used this primer a lot! ? I tried it in 3 three different ways and I had very good impressions. 


    In a first look,  you may see the swatch on the photo this primer has thin, very liquidy consistency. Make sure to shake well before use because it consists of  two different structures that diluent liquid and glowy pigment highlighter. 


      The Flormar double radience primer / highlighter has bronzey, champagne, slightly pink undertone. It is metalic, completely glowy primer like purely pigment in it. 

   It has very liquidy consistency but it fix on the face in a minute and stay like that. 

   I used it as a primer and I liked it most. I applied one pump on my entire face and I applied one pump more to my high point of my face (mainly center of my face) than I put foundation top of it. Due to the primer has bronze undertone , applying foundation top of it, it neutralized the dark undertone and it became suitable to wear on fair skin. It gave me most beautiful glowy, shiney look. Perfect for photograph and summer. 


    Also I used it as a liquid highlighter. It looks amazing too but as I mentioned before it fix to skin very quickly you should move fast. I suggest you to use sponge for applying to your face. It doesn’t look patching or uneven. It looks very metalic thought just beware of on the casual day.

   And I mixed it with my foundation than apply to my face. It also looks great. But my favorite way to use it as a primer. ?


     Flormar double radience primer / highlighter is around 10 dollars (30 tl) for 30ml ( 1.0 fl oz. ) product. 

   I hope you enjoy. If you want to read my rest of Flormar haul you can  Click here

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