Flormar Makeup Fix Spray Review


       Hello everyone ! Today I am gonna quick review about Flormar makeup fix spray. I’ve ordered some items from Flormar website and last week I wrote my first impression about them on my blog. You can click and read My recent Flormar cosmetics haul


      A lot of brands reliased their makeup setting spray/ mist on the market. You can use them on your face before or after makeup to make it lasts longer or you can wet your brush or sponge with it. Practically they make your makeup last and look more even and natural. I prefer spray my face after powder product to give more natural effect and get non-powdery/non- cakey face. 

     I also wet my brush before picking shimmery color to make intensify the color. They work amazing on the brush. 

    However I didn’t like Flormar makeup fix spray at all. It contains so much alcohol in it. And I can smeel and feel it. It is like cologne and it irritates my skin. It sprays like deodorant. I prefer face mist in the setting sprays.


      Here is the ingredients, alcohol is most abundant material into the bottle.

     It is around 5 dollars (20tl) for 75ml (2.5 fl oz. ) product.

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