Flormar Splash Powder Illuminator(02 Bronze Star) Review And Swatch

   Hello everyone! Today I am gonna review about a highlighter from new summer collection of Flormar. Flormar have launced their colorful, tropical summer collection last mounth . I just got the chance to review and show it to you today.

    It has turquoise metal package which is stronge and great. It has mirror inside. It is compact and travel friendly.

    They have launced 2 highlighter powders in this collection but 01 morning star sold out at the store but I am gonna order it soon. It looks great though. Mine in shade 02 bronze star.

    It is bronze color with pink undertone to it. It has sheen and glitter in it. Normally I do not use that  the highlighter with glitter in it. But it is perfect for beach time and night time it gives you that tropical effect where this highlighter belongs in. It is not dusty it is not too creamy either. It is baked (terracotta) powder that highly pigmented and smooth. It looks dark on the pan but I think it suits with so many different complexions . I can use it in fair skin. 

    It is 10 dolars (39 TL) for 7gr (0.25 oz. ) product. I kind of love it but I can use it only vacation and night time event. I may not use in winter time. Your face will be glowy and vivid.

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