Golden Rose Smart Lips Moisturizing Lipsticks Review+Swatches (05, 19)


Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while since I have posted my last review and I have been so busy because of the YouTube. It needs a lot of work and time and I can not catch up and create new post to my website. But I need to share with you my newest favorites which is smart lipsticks by Golden Rose. I have been wearing them for 2 months straight and I can not put them down. They are so good!.


Imagine that one side highly pigmented and comfortable lipstick that last all day and feels so luxury on the lips and the other side being your ride or die light weight yet so moisturizing lip balm, and now mix them together. It feels so satisfying right!. Golden Rose smart lips give you that feeling.


I got mine in shade number 05 and 19. Number 05 is perfect shade for everyday use. It pairs with almost every look and every mood you are in. It is a warm orangey brick shade that has a quite strong plum undertone. When you first apply it ıt looks warm orangey/ peachy nude lipstick and than when your lips sucks all moisture in lipstick it stays like nothing on your lips but still so moist and leaves perfect plum shades behind that looks like your healthy natural lip color. 


Other shade that I got is number 19. It is perfect vampıe purple shade looks perfect with almost every look. It complements warm-tone look, cool-tone look it looks even perfect with you have only mascara on. Because of the its neutral undertone. But you make sure you done your base very well. Because for the same reason with cranberry- purpley eye makeup it might emphesizes your redness and darkness on your face. Make sure you all cover your dark circles and dark spots on your face before apply it. 

Golden Rose smart lips moisturizing lipsticks are 7.29 dollars on ebay for 3.5 gr (0.12 oz. ) product. I think it is worth to check it out. 

Have you tried any Golden Rose product before? Which one is that? Comment down below I like to hear that:). 

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