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How To Make Your Own Face Toner At Home?

Make your face toner at home

  Using the face toner is the important part of the face cleaning. It cleans up whole residue of your face and preps your face to moisturizing.

   We should use face toner after we have washed our face. Face toner makes your face is purified better and soothes skin evenly.

  There are many face toner at the markets. Some face toners are alcohol free some are not. Some face toners are good for oily skin some are best for dry skin. We’d not make our all skin care products or make up items at home but we can make our face toner at home easly. Now I am going to show you how we are going to make our face toner at home quickly.

Materials we need; 


**Rose water (100ml, 3.3 fl oz)

**Sweet almond oil


Rose water; First and main material we need is rose water. Make sure it is organic or as pure as possible. We make our face toner and we want to it does not contain any harmful ingredients for our skin. Rose water makes your skin calm and refresh.

Sweet almond oil; We need also sweet almond oil. It makes your skin is soft and moist. If you have oily skin it does not mean your face is moist. My face type is normal to oily. But my moisture level is 21 percent which is very low and I need to use oil free moisturizer cream every daily basis. Normaly skin moisture referance point should be 30-45 percent. So sweet almond oil works on this point.

Furthermore sweet almond oil contains vitamin E which is antioxidant that helps to protect your skin against crow’s feet, bacteria or other skin conditions. It also has omega 6 and magnesium as well.

Lemon; Lemon contains a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. Those are vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and magnesium, phosphor, zinc…

Lemon works as an antibacterial agent and it works against the acne. Also it cleans up  your pours beautifuly.

Lemon balances your face oil. And it is perfect for oily skin.

Last thing but not least It heals your dark spots on your face. Lemon likes a cure for dark spots.

 Now move on with description of our homemade face toner;

1 tea spoon sweet almond oil

1/2 tea spoon Lemon

100ml (3.3 fl oz ) rose water

Mix them all. And your face toner is ready. Shake it before use. And enjoy with your youth potion.

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