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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion Review


      Hello everyone ! I have been using Kiehl’s Ultra facial oil-free moisturizing lotion for 7 months. I want to share my thoughts about this products.

    I went to Kiehl’s store in Istanbul 7 months ago. A woman working in a store tested my skin type and moisture level. In no surprise as a result of test is my skin type has founded combo to oily skin. But my moisture level was 21 percent which is low. ( normal skin moisture level must be around %30- 45). I used to wash my face with a soap. I thought it is the best way to purify my face from the oil but it also caused to make my skin dry inside. In short, everyone should use right products and always moisture his/ her skin.


    After the test; She recomended me to using their precision lifting & pore tightening concentrate as a serum and than using this oil free moisturizer lotion after that. I have read so much comments and thoughts about their lifting serum for my big pores. I am in trouble with my big pores. ( typical oily skin problems) and I have focused this particular issue instead of my regular skin care routine which is most important thing to everyone must do). And I have bought the serum and this lotion together and started to use them.

  You can find and create the best skin care routine for your skin type on Kiehl’s website as well. They create a perfect routine for according to the need’s of specific skin types.

   I’ll write my thoughts about Kiehl’s precision lifting & pore tightening concentrate in an other post later. Let’s move on with lotion.


    It is light weight lotion that sink into your skin in a half minute. One little piece of lotion covers and moisturizes your whole face. I mistakenly put so much on my hand. You can use that amount of products in three times. I have been using this bottle in seven months and I could only use two- thirds of the bottle so far. I lasts so long time. I use this lotion two times a day right after the serum. But since we are officially in autumn and the weather is getting cold I started to apply my The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream before going to bed because of my moisture level. I need to take a help from sleeping mask or heavy creams in cold weather. You might not need it.


     It has light weight formula. It does not feel tacky. It has not a strong scent to it.


    Kiehl’s Ultra facial oil-free moisturizing lotion is 27.5 dollars for 125ml (4.2 fl oz.) products. Have you used any products from Kiehl’s if you have what was that? ? please comment down below?

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