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LR Aleo Vera MSM Body Gel (Review, Benefits, Ingredients…)

   Hello everyone ! Today I am gonna review and mention about LR Aleo Vera MSM body gel benefits, ingredients and more.  It is multi purposive product that allows you to use it as moisturizer, cure for dark spot or reducing the joint pains. All in one product that everybody needs. It makes your skin calm and treated.

    It has gel consistency. It is absorbed by the skin immediately. It fells tacky for a second.

    There is 60 percent aleo vera in it. Which moistures your face. But I do not think so that it moisture enough. Maybe it just me but I need to apply more moisturizer top of this. 

    MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methan) is kind of sulfur composition which is already in our joint fluid. It changes the melanin production ways. It causes to accelerate of Pheomelanin’s ( yellow color pigment) produce instead of producing Eumelanin (dark color pigment ). It helps to change the color of your skin.

    Bearberry leaf is also can turn your color lighter than usual by itself. 

    Willow bark have been using as a treatment for headache, back pain and joint pain in China and Europe for a long time. Willow bark is a vegetable. It has salicin in it which behave like aspirin on the body. It helps to control your joint pains.

   There is 200ml (6,8 fl. oz. ) into the tube. If you use it for your face only it lasts a year at least. Small amount of  product is enough and covers your face. It is paraben and mineral oil free.

   It has aleo vera in it but I did not feel like it is moisturizer product at all. It is juicy consistency rather serumy consistency and it gives you tacky feel for a second. I like to wear it as a serum and I apply it before my moisturizer. I have normal to oily skin and I did not have any problem with it yet. I think it is multi purposive, wholesome product and I liked it. It helps to my skin look calm and more evenly. 

  LR is a cruelty free company which I love that. Also their products tend to have clear ingredients. 

    I hope you enjoy . I love to read your thought about this product, comment down below ? Don’t forget to follow me on social media. If you would like to be informed about please subscribe to my email list. See you next time bye 🙂


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