Mac Fruity Juicy 2017 Summer Collection Oh My Passion! Face Powder Review+Swatch

    Hello everyone! Today I am gonna review about Mac Oh my passion! face powder which was launced in fruity juicy collection by MAC. That limited edition summer 2017 collection by Mac has peachy-bronzey-summery colors in it. The aim of Fruity juicy collection’s theme is to give a vivid, bronze and glowy look like you get sunkissed. And mine and most people’s favorite in this collection is obviously Oh my passion! face powder.

    It comes with familiar Mac packaging that compact and one mirror in it. The only diffence is the floral-patterned logo on the front lid. And when you open it you see randomly placed different-colored flowers into the pan. 

    There are brown, yellow, coral and lavender shades in it. It has little micro shimmer rather sheen in it. When I first saw it I thought it would be warm tone bronzer/blush kind of thing but it was not. It is mostly blush for me. It is lighter than what I expected it to be. 


   The result of the mixture all the colors reveals peachy-coral colors  with golden reflection in it. It has pearlmatte finish. It completes glowy, summery look with some bronzer. It lasts 8 hours on my face which is an incredible time for my face to stay. 

    The powder is 33 dolars on Mac cosmetics website for 8 gr (0.28 oz. ) product. I think it is very unique product and it is worth the price. Besides that it might be useless in winter time. 

   Here is my review about Mac Oh my passion! face powder. I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to follow me on social media. If you would like to be informed about  my recent post please subscibe to my email list. See you next time Bye:)



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