Maybelline Color Tattoo Review+Swatch (On&On Bronze, Creme De Nude, Vintage Plum, Eternal Gold)

    Hello everyone! Today I am gonna review and make swatch about Maybelline color tattoos. I have four of them. And each product has different feature. Those are not have same quality or functionality. Let’s begin.

93-Crème de nude; This color tattoo has such a good quality and it works amazing beneath the eyeshadows. It covers all different colors and be base on your eyelid. It goes smoothly and sets down immediately. It feel not tacky or sticky. (All of them feels same and set down in same time) It is soft and smooth. It holds your shadows whole day! I wear my makeup 12 hours a day on an avarage. It never move or crease. My best eyeshadow primer so far.

97-Vintage Plum; This is mauve-purpley color and it is completely matte. This color also good beneath the eyeshadows either. But it is not smooth as creamy one. And some patchiness goes around all over my eyelid. I use it occasionally though( it is fit beneath the cranberry colors) It holds eyeshadow and primes it very long time. But I should have used it as a single eyeshadow anyway.

35-on& on bronze; It is gorgeous cool tone bronzey color with metalic silvery glitter in it. It does not contain redness or orangeness in it. It is my favorite. You can use it alone. It is smooth and easy to apply. I use real techniques base shadow brush(it is short and plump)  for applying on my eyelid and I am good to go.

05-Eternal Gold; This one is my least favorite one. The color and tone is perfect but! It is so hard to apply. I tried base shadow brush I saw nothing. It is not opaque you couldn’t go with second layer. These glitters did not look orderly. It looks patchy. I tried my finger and too much product came my finger and same patchiness showed up also all glitter slip one side on my eyelid. It was worst. You can not use it alone. I recomend you to use it underneath the golden or bronzey color. It makes your eyes pop. And holds your eyeshadow whole day long.

Here is the ingredients. 

   These are my opinion about Maybelline color tattoos. Which one is your favorite color tattoo and Why? Thank you for reading me. Follow me instagram and pinterest. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list.  See you next time. ?


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