Maybelline Color Tattoos In Shades 20 Turquoise Forever, 40 Permanent Taupe, 65 Pink Gold, 98 Creamy Beige Review+ Swatches


     Hı guys ! Today I am gonna review about Maybelline color tattoos in shades 20- turquoise forever, 40- permanent taupe, 65- pink gold and 98- creamy beige. I have done a review about 4 different shades of Maybelline color tattoos before. Those are 35- on & on bronze, 93- creme de nude, 97- vintage plum, 05- eternal gold. If you are interested link is here .


      Maybelline creates one of the best pot- cream eyeshadows in the market. They are creamy, easy to apply, last very long time. But none have the same formula. Some of them tend to crease some of them does not. Let see them close.


    98- Creamy Beige; This is the best versatile shade in four. This is hazelnut shade with beige undertone. It is not completely matte it has slightly shimmer in it but it is too subtle. It has satin finish.  You can use it as a base or as a main eyeshadow color. But you should set the crease area with powder product. It tends to get creasey thoughtout the day. I use my bronzer to set it and make my look little bit smokey and that’s it. It blends quickly.


  65- Pink Gold; It is a pink shimmery shade with golden undertone. It is perfect summer shade to me. This shade (as the other shimmery shades) tends to crease later than the matte shades. It is smooth. It is not getting patchy or chunky.  It has no glitter in it. It gives you perfect glowy wet look.


  45- Permanent Taupe; It is classic taupe color with satin finish. It is perfect base to smokey eye look or any dark eyeshadow. It blends easly. It needs to be set in the crease area.


   20- Turquoise Forever; It is perfect bright ocean color with shimmery finish. It is quite smooth as well. I only did not like the number 05 eternal gold shade in the shimmers, it tented to get chunky and glittery. But except that one other shimmers perform very impressive.

   Let’s see the swatches; 


    Maybelline color tattoos are 6.99 dollars on maybelline website. 

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