Neutrogena CC Cream Review


     Hello everyone, today I am gonna talk about CC cream by Neutrogena. As you know Neutrogena is one of the affordable skin care brand in the markets. I have been using their cleansing face gel and also their wonderful hand creams. They had also new released their CC cream and foundation. And I was exticed so much. Unfortunately they do not sell their foundation in Turkey and I heard a lot of good things about it. Anyway I got their CC cream so far.


     I released this CC cream in two shades. Which is not enough to reach our perfect color match. I got light shade. ( they have only light and dark shade) . As you can notice on the photograph it is way more dark for me. ( I have been using Physicians formula youthful foundation. It is also so dark shade but it become integrated with my skin and it looks dewy and fresh) but it does not do that. It sit top on my face and stays whole day. 

    I had tried brush and beauty blender for blending and buffing that CC cream but they did not work. When I use the brush I saw million lines on my face and look patching. Otherwise if I use beauty blender whole cream lift with sponge and I never get coverage. I saw my pure skin and somewhere look like plastery with cream and the cream sit top on my skin.

    I did not figure out why I could not work for me. I tried so many different ways. I primed my face, I used different primer. I didn’t prime my face. I couldn’t use it.

So guys these are my opinion about Neutrogena CC cream. I hope you enjoy and find it useful. Don’t forget to follow me  at pinterest and instagram. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list.  See you next time ?

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