Note Full Coverage Concealer In Shade 01 Ivory Review+ Swatch


      Hi guys! Today I am gonna share with you one of my favorite affordable brighting concealer from Note cosmetics . I was so impressed with this concealer’s effect to my under eye. This is most brighting concealer in my opinion.

I have done a review about Note cosmetics Detox and Protect full coverage foundation before. You can Check it  here as well.


     Note cosmetics full coverage concealer comes with glass tube and classic fat- tipped applicator. Note-Full-Coverage-Concealer-In-Shade-01-Ivory-Swatch

     I got mine in shade 01 ivory. They have four different shades for that concealer and ivory is lightest shade in four.

It is light weight concealer that has creamy almost milky consistency, hydrating feeling and it is not drying whatsoever. You can use it in the winter time without issue.

    They claims full coverage with this particular concealer but it gives me light to medium coverage with light weight consistency which I always prefer so. All full coverage concealers like a corrector kind of products have a heavy feeling and you can only apply to them where your dark circles are. You never apply it central of your face.


    Note cosmetics full coverage liquid concealer is around 10 dollars ( 32 tl) for 2.3 ml (0.08 oz. ) product. It is quite less amount of regular liquid concealer and I finished mine first tube in a short time but it is highly effective product and I’ll continue to buy it. 

   I just checked it and this particular concealer is not sold in Ulta website yet. Maybe they will bring it soon because Note cosmetics is quite new in America and they sell only their main products in there. Make them to bring it to US. It is that amazing. ?  On the other hand I only saw them at Ulta website. If you know other places to buy please let me know ?

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