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Nyx 05 Contour Brush Review

       Hello everyone!  I am gonna show you Nyx 05 contour brush today. I saw this brush first time on the Mariah Leonard’s channel while she is contouring with that. I  highly recommend her channel to you. She is amazing for my opinion. And I was looking for good contour brush for a while so I loved it and I bought it. ?

  When the subject is contouring there are many brushes on the market that have different shapes and they are intented for different purposes. 

   Nyx contour brush is my go to contour brush right now. It is small that allows your contour is shaped and sharp as you want it to be.

   It has black handle and black synthetic bristles.

    Mine did not shed its bristles so far. I washed it 10 times at least and any bristle came out. Its bristles dense and strong.

   It is dense but it has enough motility in the same time. You can spread your powder with circle motion or you can sweep away the excesses with back and forth motion. I prefer to use it with circle motion and build my contour step by step. 

   When I saw this contour brush at the Nyx store. I thought it is going to be used as a highlighter brush at the same time but it is not possible because of bristles. They are denser and thicker than regular highlight brushes. I realized that all highlighter brushes need to have duo fibre bristles on the top. Good for me.?

   It is 14 dolars on the Nyx cosmetics website. I prefer to use small contour brush most of the time if you’re looking for something small like this I recommend to you check this out. You won’t be disappointed. 

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