Nyx Duo Chromatic İlluminating Powder Review+Swatch ( Snow Rose+ Crushed Bloom)

     Hi everyone! Today’s I am gonna review and swatch about new Nyx Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in shade Snow Rose and Crushed Bloom. I ordered that on Nyx online website. They are broken during carriage. But I fixed them with some alcohol and they are same as new. Let’s begin:)


   First shade I got is Snow Rose. It is the write color which has pink duo chromatic reflection in it.

     Nyx duo chromatic illuminating powders are 8 dolars each one for 6gr ( 0.21 oz) product.

    I thought it would be too intense but it does not. If you get product with light hand you obtain subtle glow. It is subtle but it is glowy too. I kind of love it. It is good to use for daily basis. It is smooth and shimmery. It is not chunky at all. There is no glitter into the these products.

it is with light hand swatch.
as you can see pink reflection on my finger



  The second one I got in shade Crushed Bloom. I love it so much. It is dusty eglantine color with write reflection in it. It feels almost creamy. It is smooth, glowy.This one is more pigmented than other one. It is such a perfect product for summer. I started to use bronzer a lot during the this session. I apply bronzer on my check than I apply Crushed Bloom on the bronzer with fluffy blush brush. And I am good to go. It gives you perfect glowy, sunkissed effect. You do not need to much product after this combination.




  These are my opinion about new Nyx Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders. I think these are beautiful and perfect for summer time.

   I hope you enjoy. Tomorrow I will be doing a homemade tonic produce ıf you are interested check it out. Do not forget to follow me on the instagram. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list.  See you next time bye:)





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