Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra- Nourishing Blush In Shade Natural Review+ Swatch


      Hi guys ! Autumn came and recently I tend to use more natural and soft eyeshadow and blush on my face. Physicians formula argan wear blush is one of the most natural blush in my collection.


    Phycisians Formula Argan Wear Ultra- Nourishing Blush in shade Natural comes with beautiful rose shape and it consists of three different shades. When you slew around those shades together, you create gorgeous soft pink color appears. 


    As you know, Physicians formula produces great ingredients product for sensitive skin therefore their formula is reliable, smooth and buttery. This shade particular is easy to apply. You can not make wrong with it. Also it is not patchy whatsoever. It is known as a nourishing brush that does not dry your skin. 


      It comes with a little soft brush and mirror inside of the back lid. The package is practical and compact.


     Phycisians Formula Argan Wear Ultra- Nourishing Blush is 12.99 dollars for 7gr (0.24 oz. ) product. Blushes are in general last you forever and you can invest the good one.

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