Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Series Review (Foundation-Concealer And Illuminating Powder)

      Hi everyone!  For today I wanted to mention about youthful wear series from Physicians formula. I love almost all physicians formula products. Especially their youthful wear series and nude series. They have super good qualty and acceptable ingredients. I am gonna start with foundation,


    This foundation into the glass tube , not plastic. And it has syringe at the top and you suck the foundation up into the tube and put it on the brush. It has SPF 15 in it. There are 28.45g product into the tube.


    As you can see this foundation is very light weight and watery. But it is very pigmented and you can build this up. And you might get very good coverage. Also this foundation is made for mature people who has blemishes or dark spot on their face. I am quite young but I have already blemishes and dark spot and I love also light consistency and dewy finish look. So I am really enjoying with this little bottle. 


    I have light shade and it looks dark on my skin. But I mentioned in my privious writing which is about  Neutrogena cc cream you can read this too. This foundation become integrated with my skin and it look flawless, fresh and dewy. It never look cakey or heavy. I also bright my central area and it completes my look.


   This foundation comes with a angled brush. It has plastic and soft bristles. I really like it but I use it for concealer application. 

    Let’s talk about the concealer. This concealer is very unique. There is a 4.3g stick concealer one side which is softest stick concealer I have ever tried. And there is 3.2g brighting concealer in the other side.


   I got mine in shade light. I fell in love with this stick concealer. I never use stick concealer before because I found that they are so thick, oily and hard to apply.  But this one changed my mind. It is very soft, thin and I do not feel it is heavy or oily. I gives me good coverage.  I love it.

   In the other side, there is a liquid concealer which gives you a bright look where you want to do. It is not thick it is not watery. In the middle of both sides. It has glitter in it as I expected. And they shows up on your face. I love those product such as I mentioned before rimmel wake me up, nars sheer glow.. They gives me fresh and bright look.


  We came my last product from Youthful wear series. It is their youthful wear illuminating powder. It has little glitter too. I do not use all glittery product together. If my foundation is matte I go with youthful wear brighter concealer or if my foundation is brighting I prefer my setting powder with no glitter etc. It is smooth, brighting and set your concealer very well.

   You get 9.5g product and one mirror and one brush if you need to. 


  You can see the glitters on my fingers.

   That completes my review. Please write me comment down below and follow me instagram and pinterest. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list. See you next time.   Have a good one. Bye ?

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