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My Recent Flormar Haul (Bronzer, Primer, Eyeshadow Etc. )


     Hello everyone! Today I just want to mention about my recent Flormar cosmetics haul that I ordered online last week. If you are interested any product into that haul, I will complete the individual review of all this week.

        I’ve bought their brand-new  Flormar tropical sun bronzing powder in Maldives (lightest shade ) which is extremely beautiful for my skin tone.

        I also bought quintet cool-tone eyeshadow palette consisting of fabulous lilac and purpley colors which is called Lilac Harmony. 


       The other products is winner of this haul that Flormar double radiance primer/ highlighter. It is champagne color. There is no shimmer, no glitter in it. It is pure glow. I apply all over my face as a primer. It is amazing. 

      Flormar makeup fix spray (setting spray) was a complete disappointment to me. I had high hope for it. But it has too much alcohol in it and it smells like alcohol it feels like alcohol on the skin. I did not like it at all.

     The last thing send it to me as a gift beside the shopping. It is a super matte lipstick in shade red terracotta. It is beautiful. I like it so much.

      I hope you enjoy. I will make a whole detailed review about all of them. Don’t forget to follow me on social media. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list. See you next time. Bye 🙂

Individual review of those products you can find the links here;

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