Review-Swatch and Demo New Formula of Maybelline Superstay 24H Full Coverage Foundation!


   Hello everybody:) Happy Christmas! Today I am going to share my thoughts, give a review and demo to you newest formula of Superstay 24H Full Coverage Foundation by Maybelline New York.



   Recently Maybelline has developed their old ”Superstay 24H fresh look long wear foundation” formula and created new ”Superstay 24H full coverage foundation”. Old formula is my most used, most loved, holy grail foundation of all time. I didn’t count how many bottle I’ve finished back in the days. I used to wear this foundation, Maybelline infallible powder top of it, Rimmel London bronzer, Loreal creamsheen lipstick and mascara by again Maybelline or Loreal. That’s all I used to do of all time and I’d never changed or tried anything different until 2 years ago?. And I’ve got so excited when I saw the new formula. I needed to know ıf it has changed in a good way or not. And I’ve tested it out 1 week straight. My thoughts are occured. Let’s get started:)



Consistency: I compared old formula and new formula side by side. And both have same consistency in formula. Very creamy and light weight. Oil-free and breathable. Natural matte finish without dry out. Also it doesn’t be oxidized at all.


Color Range: Maybelline nailed the color range with new formula. They’ve created 16 shades for this new foundation that has perfect yellow undertoned shades (which is my bigest problem in drugstore foundations considering the their strong pink undertone) in this color scale. They have  all shades that work for from lightest skin tone to darkest. Old formula has only 6 shades. In the new formula I got mine in shade 10 ivory but I did not see any 10 ivory shade on Maybelline website I think they have marketed in different shade numbers in Europe. Loreal do similar thing too. They give different numbers to their products in Europe. I think number 10 ivory is on a par with 120 classic ivory in US.


Packaging: Both come with glass bottle and useful pump with them. But new glass shape look so sleek.

Coverage: Old formula had light to medium coverage that provides you fresh and even look. New formula is made for more coverage with same light weight consistency and longevity as old one is. I can cover my entire face with only one pump foundation and still get beautiful medium coverage and it cover my blemishes very well. But it did not cover my old acne scar. I had to layer half pump more top.

Longevity: It lasts very long time without separation as old one does. I have to say I am impressed with its longevity power. It holds beautifully on my oily skin whole day without problem. I normally lose my foundation around my nose and chin but it stayed put exactly the same after 8 hours which is rare for me.

Let’s take a look demo *I applied one pump product to my entire face.



You can see with an one pump foundation can covered my blemishes very well but my acne scar still looks visible. I added half pump more to my face and it disapeared.



     Maybelline Superstay 24H Full Coverage Foundation is 11.99 dolars for 30ml product. I think it is worth it so much. I continue to use it more. I really want to see it in summer time I hope it will perform as good as this time of year.

I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to follow me on social media. What dou you want me to try next? I really love to give a test to new foundation. I love trying foundation. Please comment down below? If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list. See you next time. Bye. ?


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