Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go Makeup Primer+ Setting Spray Review


       Hi guys! I have been obsessed with a couple of Rimmel London face products lately. I have written review about Rimmel London wakemeup foundation and concealer review and Rimmel London staymatte primer in my past posts. I have been using them more than a year now. They are so affordable and effective at the same time. I really into with Rimmel skin products. Their foundation, primer, powder are really really good.


     Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go primer and setting spray makes my makeup lasts whole day. There are so much makeup products that make your makeup stay put whole day on your face. Primers, foundations, powders…  They are also stable for me too. I always use great primer and powder on my face for make sure my makeup lasts at least 8 hours straight. But with a good setting spray I can’t go wrong. It literally makes my blush on my cheeks which is first lost products from my face. 

    It has very weird cucumbery scent in it. I am not sure if I like it or not. I has fine mist ( I couldn’t catch it with my camera). I didn’t like it as a primer because it feels like cover your face and lock your makeup first and than it starts to work with your skin. I didn’t prefer this feel on my bare skin. It didn’t make my mascara and eyeliner smudge or anything but I recommend you to wait for your mascara and eyeliner completely dry. 


     Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go primer and setting spray is 10.75 dollars for 100ml (3.4 fl oz. ) products. It is oil-free, paraben- free but there is alcohol in ingredients list. 

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