Rimmel London Stay Matte Makeup Primer Review


      Hi guys ! Today I am going to talk about Rimmel London stay matte makeup primer. I have been using this primer all this summer. This is my second tube of mine and I have so much thought to share with you.



Old and new packaging


    Today is last day of summer. I don’t deny I miss fall so much. I used to be summer person before but now I feel I love fall more than summer. The weather is chilling yet you don’t get cold or sweat. It rains in the fall and I love rain. Anyway long story in short, fall is coming and I am happy ?

   Rimmel London stay matte makeup primer is one of my summer picks. I love it. It doesn’t moisturize or nourish your face but it lays on your skin like a regulator film. Your face will be looked smooth and even. 

   Rimmel london stay matte makeup primer claims to make shine controlling, pore minimizing, hydrating feel, smoothes skin. I agree with all but I can’t say it is %100 pore minimizing primer I can see my big pores after every application. It gives also hydrating feel but I don’t think it is not enough. I always use my regular moisturizer underneath. It says mattifying but I don’t think it is not. It is not luminous either.


     It is a white makeup primer but it does not cause white cast. It is not too light weight or heavy either. The best thing about this primer is make your makeup last long time. Especially summer time. I wear my makeup about 12 hours thanks to it. Everything stays same but my blush and where I tend to touch more.


    In the spring, when my face tend to get oily thoughtout the day I apply this primer only my T-zone and it still work perfect. If you have combine skin type you can use that way.


   Rimmel London stay matte makeup primer is 6.99 dollars at Ulta website for 30 ml ( 1 fl oz. ).  It has silicon and talc in it.  If you want to avoid from them. If you don’t try it you won’t be disappointed. 

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