Sigma F03 High Cheekbone Highlighther Brush Review

   Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about sigma brushes and me review my favorite one which is their F03 high cheekbone highlighther brush. Sigma is the popular brush brand in the market. They are more affordable than Mac brushes but in Turkey they are as expensive as Mac. Still I bought them because Sigma brushes are very useful and beautiful. They have some brushes that have very unique shape( E40 blending brush, their kabuki precision brush and more of them). Let’s jumping in F03 high cheekbone highlighter brush. In my opinion it has perfect shape for as a highlighter brush. Therefore I decided to mention to you.

   It is made of from black high- quality handle. It has flat synthetic bristles but on the other hand it is getting fluffier to go upwards. The bristles are very soft and dense. It holds product perfectly and transfer to your face evenly. 

   It has synthetic bristles which is antibacterial and hypoalergenic. Even though products we use generates harmful bacterial flora on your brush. All brushes have to be washed every week at least. Otherwise those bacterias transfer to your face and causes acne or worse. 

  Here is my review about Sigma F03 high cheekbone highlighther brush. It is 20 dolars. I think great. I hope you enjoy please comment down below which brush is your favorite? Do you have any recommendation for highlighter brush because I love highlighter brush and want to try new one. 🙂 

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