Sleek Blush In Shade Sahara (934) Review+ Swatch


     Hello everyone ! I just found those review photos that I have taken way more before in my media library. And I decided to make a quick review for you.


     Sleek is an affordable brand at the market. Besides that they produce their products in a high quality sleek packaging which I love. Their packaging compact, stronge and useful. It remains me Nars packaging.


      Sleek Sahara blush has very unique shade. It has neutral orange undertone to it. The pigmentation of the Sleek blushes are not too intense or sheer either. It gives you wash of color without look overwhelming. I don’t like very intense blushes. I think those are very difficult to work with and there is high possibility to look mudy on your face quickly. 


     Sleek Sahara blush complements brown, bronze and burgundy eyeshadows look very well. It is completely matte. It is creamy yet powdery. I can not say it is totaly creamy but it doesn’t feel dusty. 


    Sleek Sahara blush is 6 dollars for 8 gr ( 0.27 oz. ) product. Sleek has a blush that for me is a dupe for Nars orgazm blush. You can check this out ıf you want. Their blushes are very good and cheap.

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