Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette Review

     Hello everyone! Today’s topic is going to be Sleek highlighter palette. Before I bought this palette. I have read and watched so many good review for this palette. And I finally bought it and since than  I’m reading and hearing bad things what a lucky person I am:)

    This palette has one creamy highlighter and three powder highlighter shades. The creamy shade is called Ecliptic and I love this shade. It is smooth and shining. It is not chunky it is not thick and it does not make my foundation move. I love it.

     The second shade is called Hemisphere. It has lilac undertone. It is smooth and it stays very long time but it has tiny glitters in it. They are not hudge glitter but I have big pores and it emphesizes these. I am not fan of this shade but I’ll still use it because it is super intense and I like the undertone of it.

   The third one is called Subsolar and it has yellow undertone. I love this shade. When I apply on my check it is so smooth as other one and it gives me a brighting face. It gives me shine effect which I want to get. It does not have as much as glitter in it. If I’d look very closely I see the glitters but you’ll not see them on your face. That is my favorite.

  The last one is called Equinox. It is orangey, pinkish-orangey color. It is smooth, it stays so long. And it is perfect color for dark complexion. But it has so much glitters in it. And when I wear this I look like a discoball or I look like going to disco. Maybe I have a very fair skin right now and not a summer time. I’d like to try it when I get my fake ten. 

  These are my opinion about Sleek Highlighter Palette. I hope you enjoy. Please write me comment down below and follow me instagram and pinterest. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list.  See you next time. 🙂

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