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The Best Products of Nars!


     Hello everyone ! Today I am gonna write my first post for ”Best of Beauty” series. And I am gonna start this series with Nars which is one of the high- end American brand that produce very good quality products for a long time.


     Nars Sheer Glow foundation is most loved everyday foundation for many people in different skin types. It is creamy, hydrating foundation that even outs the skin tone and makes you look like you’ve been photoshopped. 

Light2 ( mont blanc) / mediumdark1 ( syracuse)

      It gives you natural radience and natural coverage up to 6-8 hours. 


    Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation claims to be full coverage, huminity resistant, 16 hours long lasting without weightless on your skin.



Light2 ( mont blanc ) / mediumdark1 ( syracuse )

     It is more liquidy/ watery than Sheer Glow foundation. You should shake well before use. I didn’t do it well for mediumdark one and you can see on the photograph liquid and solid part are separated. Shake it well? It has buildable medium to full coverage foundation without looking cakey or heavy on the face.


   Nars Laguna Bronzer is most known product in all of them in my opinion. It is not too cool toned, not too warm toned either. It is universal shade of bronzer that suits for many different complexions and perfect for contouring and bronzing purposes at the same time.


     It is very creamy, very buttery. It looks so natural on the face.


     The other popular product from Nars is their Copacabana highlighter. They also have liquid version of this product. It is very creamy and easy to apply. 


    It gives pinky, pearly noticeable glow to your face. It sets quickly. It never budge. It is compatible with oily skin.


    Nars Madly Blush is not top favorite one of everyone but it is my favorite blush of all time. The most popular blush of Nars, even in whole blushes in general is Nars Orgazm without a doubt. But Madly is my absolute favorite. It suits with every looks and many skin tones. I personally do not like vibrant, intense blushes.


     Madly has perfect dusty peachy pink undertone with little shimmer in it. It is a buildable blush which I love. 


    Nars Narsist L’maour eyeshadow palette. Nars makes one of the best quality eyeshadows at the market in my opinion. They usually design their palette with everyday, natural- earth toned shade with couple of darks and couple of shimmers.


    It is perfect stable palette for every neutral lovers.


     Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is light weight, medium to full coverage concealer that has large shade range for so many skin tones and purposes. 

Light2 (vanilla)/ light3 (honey) / medium1 ( custard)

     You can use peachy/ somony shade as a corrector or you can bright up your under eye with light shades.


     Nars Translucent Loose powder makes my skin smooth and poreless. It is perfect with my oily skin type but I’ve heard good thing about it for dry skin too. It prolongs my makeup wear, locks it place and controls the shine thoughtout the day. I never get flashback or white cast with it. 


    Nars Black Valley Eye Paint is blackest black gel eyeliner that easy to use, budge proff and longlasting.


    I’ve gravitated towards to liquid eyeliner but I’ve always found that gel eyeliners look more sultury and better on my eyes ıf that makes sense. I love the effect that it gives on my eyes more than liquid liner does.


     So, it completes my The Best of Nars products post. I hope you enjoy ? If you would like to know more about those products I would like to write them individually.

    In my next post what you would like to know  about? Please let me know.

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