Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review+ Swatches

    Hello everyone! Today I am gonna review and show you about the famous sweet peach palette by Too Faced. Too Faced has launched sweet peach collection on the market at 2016. There are sweet peach eyeshadow palette, highligther palette ( called sweet peach glow palette), papa don’t peach blush and some sweet peach lip glosses that sell at Sephora stores right now. 

   The sweet peach palette contains 18 eyeshadows ( each eyeshadow Net Wt. 0.95 g/ 0.03 oz. , total Net Wt. 17.1 g/ 0.54 oz. ) The palette smells peachy and juicy. There are peachy pinky shades, coral shades, bronzey and brown shades in the palette. The package is made from solid metal materials and it has magnetic cap. 

Fake vs Real: Diffences between fake one and real one are:  the ”F” letter ( in Too Faced symbol) is hiding under the cover in the fake one. You should normally see all letter in the Too Faced symbol clearly. But in the fake one you can barely see half of the ”F” letter. The second thing is name of the eyeshadows in real one is shiner than fake one. They both smell juicy.

Let’s talk about eyeshadows individually; All eyeshadows have great pigmentation and blendability. They feel like creamy. They look different into the pan vs on the eyelid. I suggest you to check my swatches.


white peach: It has little amount of shimmer in it but you can barely see them. They do not transfer to your eyelid. It is almost completely matte. . It is not blind white but it is not cream either. It is basic but soft white color.

lusciousIt is golden-copper tone with satin finish. 

just peachy: It is peachy pink color with satin finish.

nectarIt is champagne color with satin finish.

cobblerIt is copper color with satin finish. It is more darker shade of luscious. 

candied peach: It is peachy color with little shimmer in it. It is in more peachy side than ”just peachy”  is. Although it has not satin finish. It is matte shade with shimmer in it.

peaches’n cream: It is classic cream color with matte finish.

georgia: It is light somon color with matte finish.

caramelized: It is bronze color with satin finish.


bless her heart: It is cool tone artichoke green with satin finish.

temptingIt is black with shimmer in it.

charmed, I’m sure: It is brown or with matte finish.

belliniIt is peachy champagne color with satin finish.

peach bitIt is purple color with satin finish.

delectableIt is purple color with little shimmer in it. The shimmers do not transfer to your eyelid.

pureeIt is hazelnut color with matte finish.

summer yumIt is warm peachy brown color with matte finish. It is like warmer side of ‘puree’

talk derby to me: It is navy blue with shimmer in it.


The sweet peach palette is 49 dolars on the Too Faced website. I think this palette is  perfect for who likes warmtone eyeshadows. You can create many looks for day time and night time. 

    Here is my review and swatches about Too Faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette. I hope you enjoy or those are usable for you. Do not forget to follow me on social media. If you would like to be informed about my recent post, please sign up my email list. See you next time  bye 🙂






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