Wet’n Wild Mega Glow Caramel Toffee Contouring Palette

  Hi everyone ! Today I am gonna review about Wet’n wild mega glow contouring palette in shade caramel toffee. The palette consists of one yellow setting powder and one contour powder part. 

 Wet’n wild have launced contouring palette in 2 different shades. One of them is called Dolce de leche and other one is Caramel toffee. I think Dolce de leche is better for my skin tone. It has lighter tone banana powder and warmer tone bronzer than the other. I guess I could love it more but I couldn’t find it anywhere maybe they did not bring it to Turkey I am not sure.

  Both banana powder and contour powder feel powdery and dusty. But this is only bad side about them. They are fine expect that.

  Banana powder; It is yellow powder which brights your under eye and set your liquid product in the same time. If your skin has yellow undertone, banana powders look amazing on your face. But it has to be perfect tone of yellow. If the yellow shade is not right it would tend to make you look tried and sick.

   The banana powder in this palette is actually great. It brights my under eyes and sets my make up perfectly. It is not illuminating powder but it is not mattifying either. It is completely matte. The most important thing is it does not look cakey. It is not milky or creamy it feels very dusty and powdery but it never look chunky or cakey.

Contouring powder; The contouring powder is completely matte too. You can contour and warm up your skin with it.

  It is cool tone powder and I use it only for contouring. I prefer to use warm tone powder for bronzing. It is very very pigmented. You need to go with light hand. It blends quickly. This is great product too. 


  There is 12.5 gr ( 0.44 oz) product in the pan. It is cruelty free product. It is 4.99 dolars. 

  These are my thoughts about Wet’n wild mega glow contouring palette in shade Caramel toffee. I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to follow me on social media. If you would like to be informed about my recent post please subscribe to my email list.  See you next time  bye ?

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