Yves Rocher Eyeshadow Primer ( Fixing Eyelid Primer) Review+Swatch

   Hi everyone! I am gonna quick review about eyeshadow (eyelid) primer by Yves Rocher.

    You get 7ml( 0.23 fl.oz) product into little tiny tube. It has yellow undertone. It is made of cammelia oil. It exactly feels greasy.It is lightweight product. You do not need so much, like one seed of product will be enough. It spreads in a second. You need to set your upper part of eyelid and your crease. Because unfortunately it crease in a day. It is not opaque. So It would not cover up your eyelid complexion. It is not put your eyeshadow on your eyelid long time  because it starts to crease and melt within 6 hours. You may see the texture of it from the photo I put down.


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